Treasures & Their Stories



In 2011, the Rockwood 2000 Historic Committee began interviewing and, where possible, filming interviews with some of Rockwood's long-time residents. The intent is to capture glimpses of Rockwood's past and to be able to share this information with the community. Many of these people lived in Rockwood during boom years, the Great Depression, The World Wars and the building of Watts Bar lake. Their stories may strike a chord within someone to help us rebuild Rockwood to the economic powerhouse that it once was.

Roane State,working with Channel 15 and the Princess Threater, is expanding its curriculum to study various aspects of television production. As part of this process, Rockwood 2000 has formed a partnership with both Roane State and Channel 15. Roane State has offered assistance in filming and editing the video of these interviews for us. The Rockwood 2000 Oral History Project also helps to provide raw material for film editing classes and opportunities for students to assist in field work.

Our interviews are on-going and, as they are completed, will be added to our web site. The list below represents interviews conducted to date. Videos are available for reseachers to review, simply contact Rockwood 2000. Once the videos have been edited links to them will be provided here.

  ·  Polk Cooley

  ·  Maurice Grief

  ·  Paul Haltom

  ·  Floyd Hutcherson

  ·  Kay Lamb – Audio Only

  ·  Marilyn McCluen – Audio Only

  ·  John Lawson

  ·  Fran Lawson

  ·  John Pemberton

  ·  Tom Pemberton

  ·  Lenice Watts

  ·  Mary Brown

  ·  Don Collett

  ·  Eleanor Crabtree

  ·  Josephine McKinney

  ·  Eddie Owens

  ·  Patsy Pierce

  ·  Eula Spurling

  ·  Berl & Eula Swanner