Chronology & Achievements



1991       Rockwood 2000 was chartered as a non-profit organization

1991       First Rockwood 2000 home tour

1991       Cook book fund raiser began

1992       Christmas lights purchased for Rockwood Street and Gateway Avenue

1992       Star on Mount Roosevelt built and installed

1995       Olinger memorial at Campbell High school dedicated

1996       Gateway beautification - planting of trees along Gateway Avenue

1996       Installation of gazebo in Homecoming Park

1997       Veteran’s Memorial Park flag pole dedicated

1998       Memory Lane Paver Project begun in Homecoming Park

1999       Rockwood Clock installed in Homecoming Park

1999       Rockwood 2000 receives first $4,000 state grant for the 1936 Patrol Station restoration and the deed to the property

2000       Annual city employee “Thank you” picnic begun

2001       Grant application and paperwork initiated for 1936 Patrol Station restoration

2001       Period lighting installed in Homecoming Park

2002       Civil War reenactments during the Home Tour begun

2003       1936 Patrol Station restoration begun

2004       Rockwood 2000 holds Retreat to develop a Five Year Plan

2004       Grounds of 1936 Patrol Station planted

2005       “Martha’s Fountain” installed and dedicated in Homecoming Park

2005       1936 Patrol Station complete and museum opens with dedication by State Safety Commissioner

2005       First $500 college scholarship awarded to winner of Miss Fall Festival beauty pageant

2005       Evergreen trees added to Patrol Station complex

2006       Standing committee formed for greater focus on Beautification

2006       Historic Post Office grounds planted by Beautification Committee

2006       Historic Post Office refurbishment celebrated with an open house

2007       Verges in front of Gateway Super Market planted by Beautification Committee

2008       Rockwood Library grounds planted by Beautification Committee

2009       Mystery Play fund raiser

2009       Flag Day celebration/Kidney Foundation fund raiser for Beverly Stroh

2009       Planting of Homecoming Park begun by Beautification Committee

2010       Scholarship program revised and expanded to $1,000 college scholarship for RHS graduating senior
                 and $200 donated for Rockwood Middle School glee club start-up

2010       Rockwood 2000 holds Retreat to develop a Five Year Plan

2010       Two members attend UT grant writing class

2010       Community Center, Veteran’s Clinic, and Dog Pound planted by Beautification Committee.
                 Also, annuals were added to Homecoming Park and 5 trees were planted at City Hall.

2010       First annual lighting of the Rockwood Christmas tree is held in Homecoming Park.

2010       Standing committee formed for greater focus on Historic Preservation

2011       1954 Patrol Station accepted on the National Register

2011       Plaid Party fund raiser

2011       Historic Committee starts conducting taped interviews of long-time Rockwood Residents
                and forms partnership with Channel 15 and Roane State College

2011       Beautification Committee purchased and planted 15 planters on Rockwood Street bridge
                and planted 12 additional verges on Gateway Avenue

2011       Sponsored Ridge View Elementary 5th Grade field trip to the State Capital in Nashville with $500 donation

2011       Donation of $700 to Rockwood Middle School Glee Club for purchase of keyboard and sheet music

2011       Rockwood 2000 recognized by Delta Kappa Gamma International Society with a Community Education Award

2011       Rockwood 2000 sponsors a “Meet the Candidates” forum prior to the city election

2011       Rockwood 2000 donated two Sanborn Maps to the City of Rockwood

2012       Rockwood 2000 supports the Roane County GED Program with a $250 donation

2012       Rockwood 2000 supported the Imagination Library with a donation

2012       Rockwood 2000 again sponsors a "Meet the Candidates" forum prior to the primary elections